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Artist Run Reading Spaces BABZ 2017

David Richardson represented dispersed holdings on the Artist Run Reading Spaces panel at the 2017 BABZ fair, along with Gee Wesley, Ulises Books, Philadelphia; Kimi Hanauer & Bomin Jeon, Press Press, Baltimore; Rachel Valinsky, Wendy’s Subway, Brooklyn; and Devin N. Morris, 3 Dot Zine and Brown Paper Fair, Brooklyn.

Moderator: Sarah Hamerman, Artist Book Cataloger, MoMA Library.

Full audio and transcript can be found on the Blonde Art Books site.”

walker art blog

dispersed holdings on the Walker Art Blog in “2016: The Year According to Paul Soulellis”

Paul says: “In the middle of the march that first weekend after the election, somewhere around Fifth Avenue and 34th Street, I ran into my friend Sal Randolph. Sal is an artist and she recently started a new listening/publishing space called Dispersed Holdings, with David Richardson. They now host screenings, happenings, and reading events, enjoyed on grey felt cushions with red stitching, fashioned by David. The space, on the third floor of a very old building on the Bowery, used to be Eva Hesse’s apartment. Sal and David refer to Eva casually, like she’s still in residence, and keep her diaries and a photo on the mantle. These are two remarkable people who are devoted to nurturing creative space for community gatherings—friends, fans, and strangers communing in experience and experimentation. Their events are public, but intimate, occupying some sweet spot between a salon, a dinner party, and an open reading.”


dispersed holdings feature now up on Mnemoscape Issue No 4: On Remoteness, edited by Valentina Bonizzi in dialogue with Kelly Tsipni-Kolaza.

another tab of chrome

another tab of chrome

dispersed holdings is in Another Tab of Chrome by at the Detroit Art Book Fair.