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A M B I E N T   R E A D I N G   S P E C T A C U L A R

ambient reading spectacular

This fall, dispersed holdings is hosting an ambient reading spectacular: a celebration of the reader, book in hand, and an investigation of the mysteries of and potentials for the practice of reading.

The heart of the ambient reading spectacular will be readers themselves, resident in the dispersed holdings reading room, a private and configurable reading refuge within our space on the Bowery. In the library and main room, groups will convene for social reading days, reading aloud, listening parties, and screenings.

Events during the ambient reading spectacular will include an opening party with reading aloud (October 6), a reading of Sunsets by Charles Perry with live music scoring by dispersed holdings (November 6), an evening of reading performances (December 3), and more.

Throughout the fall we will also be collecting and dispersing readerly ephemera: reading logs, bibliographies, reflections, photos & videos, objects, scraps of paper, marginalia, notes, diagrams, timestamps, sounds, letters, and the like in an attempt to come to better understanding of the nature of reading, of readers.

S P E C T A C U L A R   R E A D I N G   C A L L

ambient reading spectacular

What does reading look like?

Reading would seem to be the second-least cinematic of subjects, after sleep, but dispersed holdings suspects that there is unexplored big-screen potential in the modest activity of page-turning. To pursue our hunch, we are commissioning, as part of our a m b i e n t r e a d i n g s p e c t a c u l a r , short films of reading from any interested parties. What do we mean, short films of reading? Short: two minutes or less. Films: digital .mov files, material new or found, invented or collaged. Of: representing, enacting, meditating upon, and so on. Reading: well, that is the question, isn’t it?

Contributions are welcome from any quarter. Please notify us as soon as possible if you intend to participate; we will send you instructions for submission. There will be a screening of the films we receive on Saturday, December 3. The films will also feature in an ongoing installation in our library.

RSVP to dispersedholdings [at] gmail [dot] com

Curated by: Jeff Dolven

R E A D E R S   I N   R E S I D E N C E

The project will culminate in a book about reading, assembled from the contributions of our readers in residence. The current readers in residence are:

Gini Alhadeff

Matthew Burgess

D. Graham Burnett

Jimmy Cajoleas

Michael Cunningham

Jeff Dolven

Joy Episalla

Joanna Fiduccia

Hal Foster

Leigh Gallagher

David Hopson

Marie Howe

Alan Huck

Benedikt Josef

Vanessa Kowalski

James Lecesne

Mary Marge Locker

Alyssa Loh

Marco Maisto

Helen Miller

Jac Mullen

John Muse

Leonard Nalencz

Rory Parks

Charles Perry

Christopher Potter

David Purcell

Luc Rioual

Walker Rutter-Bowman

Matthew Sandager

Liz Scheer

Anna Selver-Kassell

Paul Soullelis

Matthew Strother

Randall Szott

Sandy Tait

Jennie Uleman

Emma Wippermann

Audra Wolowiec

Caroline Woolard

Carrie Yamaoka